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Solar/Wind Powered Containers are a solution for reducing ocean pollution from remote seaside communities. PESi is dedicated to bring more green power to seaside communities that have such a tremendous impact our oceans. This initiative is a social driven project that uses technology to improve village life and reduce ocean pollution these same seaside communities. The key social concept is our unique plastic recycling credit system for free electricity focused toward poorer communities that can not purchase our equipment. Success means we can grow the initiative to educate local folks to better understand their contribution to the greater global community.




Island and seaside communities usually have a pier of some sort so delivery of the container would normally be by barge. Most fishing villages would use our most simple and basic models for power and plastic recycling. A unique payoff system would encourage plastic reuse locally.

When SCUBA diving in the Coral Triangle we encounter countless floating plastic bags. The plastic bags not only choke reefs by covering them them; they choke marine life when eaten because floating bags looks simialr to squid. 

Resorts of which most strive to be green can use our deluxe models with more power generation and storage capacity. The system can pay for itself within a few years on savings from high cost of fuel and maintenance for petrol generators, and are quiet for power decentralization

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