​Resorts are plentiful in these pristine sea areas. The better ones are very interested in reducing the pollution surrounding them. Most all offer SCUBA diving. Our initiative will have sponsor resorts that will check on the villages regularly to check on the plastic recycling quantities via a weigh station at the project site and visual inspection. Maintenance will also be monitored to ensure the longevity of the equipment. We have already contacted several dive resorts and high end resorts in the Philippines and Indonesia that have pledged their support for such a program. We will also have volunteer engineers and university students involved with the initial set-up and training for effective use of the equipment.

About Social initiative


The people who benefit the most can least afford it.
Since many seaside villages are rather poor fishing villages we generated a concept that allow philathropist to fund a project, and allow the village to slowly pay back the generousity.

What is the concept?
Seaside villages have need for electrical power for scooters, electronics, lighting and tools. The power systems are crude petro generators built from scrap parts and are unreliable and leak fuel. Our system will provide a relaible source of clean power without fuel cost. The villagers will elect a group responsible for running the project. They will collect the plastic from surrounding areas and recycle it into useable solid parts. There will be a goal that must be met to keep the project running in their village. They will also be responsible for maintaining the wind turbines and batteries. If a typhoon or hurricane is predicted they will secure the solar panels and wind turbines.

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